Persean Commercial Realty Group

“Serving starfarers in the Persean Sector since cycle 183!”

At PCRG, our mission is to find ideal sites for your commercial operations. Our in-depth understanding of the Sector’s economy allows us to predict how effective your intended colonies will be on a variety of different planets, giving your business the best possible chance of success!

To get started, drop your save file (campaign.xml) onto this page or select it below. Need help?

Privacy notice: All processing is done locally in your browser. Your save data will not be sent to any other computer.

What are you looking for?

Tell us how you plan to run your colony (or colonies), and we’ll prepare a ranked list of planets (or combinations of planets) that suit your needs!

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What is this?

PCRG is a tool that Starsector players can use to find good planets to colonize. It reads your save file, simulates your desired (size-6) colonies on as many combinations of planets as possible, and shows you which combinations are the most profitable.

It's been tested with vanilla Starsector 0.95.1a-RC6.

Where is my save file?

  1. Open the folder where Starsector is installed on your computer.
    • Windows: Right-click the icon you normally use to launch Starsector and choose Open file location.
    • macOS: Control-click the Starsector icon in your Applications folder and choose Show Package Contents.
    • Linux: Navigate to the folder that you extracted from the Starsector zip file.
  2. Open the saves folder.
  3. Each save_ folder corresponds to a save slot. They're numbered randomly, so it might be easier to find the one you want if you sort by Date modified. Open the one you want.
  4. Drag the campaign.xml file onto this page.

What does "parsing failed" mean?

This error message means PCRG wasn’t able to find the information it was looking for in your save file. The most likely reason for this is that you’re using a Starsector mod or version that has not been tested with PCRG.

Please report parsing errors to this reddit thread or this forum thread. Include the contents of the box below this paragraph. (A box will appear here if parsing fails.)

What if I already have colonies?

Colonies belonging to the player are treated as if they don't exist. If you have colonies, you can use this tool to see what would've happened if you'd built your colonies elsewhere; you can then compare these results to the actual colonies you have in your game.

If you've named your colonies, your custom planet names will be shown in the search results, but the planets will be treated the same as empty planets.

Why did my search exceed the time limit?

If there are too many combinations of planets that match your search criteria, the search will terminate after 12 seconds to avoid causing your browser to complain that the page has become unresponsive. If your search terminates this way, you'll see partial results and a warning that not all possibilities were considered.

To avoid this, try: